Roof Pointing Perth for Terracotta and Concrete Tiled Roofs

Roof Pointing - what it is
Clearly shown on the photo below, this is the coating applied over the edge of the ridge cap and onto the roof tile and this layer weather proofs the bedding underneath the ridge cap. Without this the bedding material would be eroded away by rain and wind over a fairly short time. The pointing material is a flexible waterproof compound (definitely not cement) especially formulated and recommended by architects, builders and professional roofers
roof pointing concrete tiles
Roof Bedding - what it is

This is the mortar mix that your roof ridge caps are supported on. The fresh mortar bedding is clearly shown in the picture below under the ridge caps. This is a work in progress and the next step is cleaning up all the bits of mortar and then pointing. It's the same process for both concrete and terra cotta ridge caps. The ridge caps are lined up straight by using a bedding frame that’s essential for a good looking finish to any professional roof repair job.
roof bedding concrete tiles
A common problem with terra cotta is the end of the roof hip becoming loose. This one’s called a shell end for obvious reasons.
terracotta tile shell end
A full terracotta repointing job showing neat new terra cotta coloured pointing to match the tile colour
terra cotta roof repairs Perth

Roof valley replacement

This is what happens when we remove the old valleys. You can clearly see the valley boards exposed here.
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A common issue is that the old iron nails pop up and need to be knocked back into the valley boards PRIOR to the new zincalume valley being fitted. If this detail is not done then the protruding nails will form bumps in the new valley material, and could even be perforated if someone walked on it leaving you with a leak!
terra cotta roof valley
This is what we remove when we replace the roof valleys - a real rusty example.
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There’s usually more rust just under the tiles where the mortar bedding has helped to speed up the corrosion where you can’t see it.
rusted roof valley